A Short History of The Antique Market

It all started in 1990. Ronald and Jean Bensz, lifelong citizens of
Michigan City, had long felt that their town needed it's very own antique mall.
They already owned the perfect piece of idyllic property for it on the south end
of town with large acreage and a quaint private pond. THIS antique mall, they
thought, would maintain a high quality of antiques and business integrity. They
sought out antique dealers in the area, who they felt held the same high
standards, to move into their mall. Rules in the contract would specifically
state "no flea market type merchandise, or items less than 30 years old are
allowed". "Reproductions and gift lines are prohibited as well".

Soon, after much preparation, a "real" antique mall was born. The
Antique Market opened in July 1990 with 40 booths and 12 showcases. Manager,
Kyra Niegos and Resident Accountant, Ida Koch joined Ron and Jean early in 1991
and were excited about working in an antique mall with quality merchandise and

By 1993, a long waiting list of dealers wanting to move in, warranted an
expansion of 20 more booths and several more showcases. Dealers came from all
over the country to rent space- Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, North
Carolina, Florida, and even Arizona! By 1998, yet another expansion was
necessary. Another 12 booths, more showcases, larger restrooms, and a banquet
hall were added. The hall would be used for auctions, antique shows, appraisal
fairs, and more. It could also be rented out to the general public.

The Antique Market now boasted over 100 dealers while still maintaining the high standards
of antiques that earned it it's fine reputation.

By late 2000, Ron and Jean looked to retire, and new owners John and Joann
Small took over. They turned the banquet hall into even more booths, and
showcases to meet the demand of more dealers waiting to rent a booth.

They also increased the size of the already large reference book and price
guide section that The Antique Market had. Other improvements were made as well, and today The Antique Market prides itself with over 140 fine antique dealers.

Besides the beautiful antique items, price guides & reference books,The Antique Market sells everything you can think of, when you think of antiques - plate holders, furniture waxes and polishes, doll stands, dealer supplies, etc. And, remember antiques make perfect gifts-beautiful glassware, fine furniture, childhood memories, lovely jewelry- you name it!

Prices range from $2.00 on up. When you're not sure what to get that
special someone, you may find that an Antique Market gift certificate will suit
your needs. Even if you're not sure if you like antiques, you will find
something you want at The Antique Market, we promise!


The Antique Market of Michigan City

John & Joann Small  -  Owners
Kyra Niegos  -  Manager
3707 N.E. Frontage Road

 I-94 & U.S. 421
Michigan City, IN 46360-9371
(219) 879-4084 - (219) 879-2082
email us here
Business Hours
Mon - Sat 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M (CDT)
Sun 12:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M (CDT)

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